November 27, 2021
URL rotation


In this post I will be discussing URL rotation, what it means, how you can use it in your digital marketing campaigns to boost conversion and how you can set up your own URL rotation tool on a WordPress website. All of these will be explained in this post.

url rotation
url rotation

What is URL Rotation?

URL rotation is the process by which a single unique URL or link correspond to multiple link or pages. Let’s make it by citing an example. You are a CPA marketer or an affiliate marketer, or you have your own service you are planning or marketing. What you do is that you create a landing page for your service or product and you share the link to this landing page. You may share on social media, email marketing. You can even decide to create a paid advertisement for it on Google Ads or Bing Ads.

Link rotator
Link rotator

As a good digital marketing practice, you can create multiple landing pages for your service or product. Now with URL rotation, you can insert the different landing page links that you have and you will get a unique link that will correspond to all of them. When someone clicks on the unique link it will take them to one of the landing pages links depending on the conditions that you set. For instance, if you have three different landing pages, you can set that link 1 will get 40% of the clicks, link 2 will get 35% of the clicks and link 3 will get 25% of the clicks. With URL rotation, you can promote multiple links as one.

URL or Link Rotator

Link rotator also known as URL rotator or traffic rotator is a unique link that allows digital marketers to split traffic among different links. It directs visitors to different landing pages. As explained in the above section, when visitors click on the unique link it will direct them to one of the different landing pages. This is very helpful when digital marketers are promoting a service or product for the first time. You create different landing pages and perform A/B testing to evaluate which of your new landing pages is performing better. And by doing that digital marketers will know which landing page to keep promoting. This helps when a digital marketer is tracking conversions. Using a link rotator, marketers will not have to run different campaigns to promote each of the landing pages. There are different delivery routes you can set, it might be sequential where each link immediately after one another, or random as the name suggested the landing page that will be shown is picked at random or weighted as you conditioned it to be.

Benefits of Using URL Rotation

Url rotation is a good digital marketing practice and it has the following benefits:

  • The main reason or benefit of using is url rotation is A/B testing. To evaluate multiple landing pages or links and discover which one works better without creating different ad campaigns for each of them, or sharing them differently on social media or creating different email campaigns for them.
  • It saves time and stress. From the first benefits we can see why some digital marketer url rotation. It saves them the time of performing different actions for each landing pages or links. Anything you want to do with all the links together. You can just do it to the unique link and you won’t have to repeat the action for all the other links. actions like sharing, promoting, shortening, e.t.c.
  • Url rotation also helps in promoting effective Ad rotations. Let me explain that. You want to promote your website or blog but ad placement only you to add few links to your campaign which means some of your website pages may not be reached. By adding link rotators you can solve this issue.

URL Rotation Service Providers

There are hundreds of URL rotation service providers. I will discuss some of them in this section starting with my favourites of course.

1. Pretty Links

I’m sure you would have heard about pretty links. Pretty links let you do many things with links. You can shorten your links with it, right from your WordPress site. You don’t have to own an account with them before you can use its WordPress plugin. Pretty links offer rotation service for pro options. So you will have to pay you can use its rotation service.

pretty links link rotation
Pretty links link rotation

With pretty links link rotation, you can monitor the performance of your links (i.e., landing pages, forms, and so on). You can learn how visitors interact with your website or blog and you can let go of the links that are not performing well or revive them by making to them.

2. Linktrackr

This is also another good link rotation service provider. Linktrackr lets you do many things with links like affiliate link cloaking, A/B split testing, link tracking and analysis and many more. You can use linktrackr to rotate traffic for an unlimited amount of websites or landing pages. As a digital marketer, you may sometimes find yourself promoting or advertising for a group of people or businesses. Url rotation is a smart way of sending high quality to each member of the group.

When you create a link rotator on linktrackr or any other provider. You have to make sure that each link that corresponds to the link rotator has weight measured in percentage and the total percentage equals 100%. Traffic is then distributed to the links according to the weights or percentages you gave each of them which can also be modified later.

3. ClickMeter

ClickMeter offers one of the best URL rotation services. Although there is a restriction, you can only add up to 50 links in each link rotator. Link rotators on clickMeter have advanced features that I’m not sure exist in others.

clickmeter link rotator
ClickMeter link rotator

Features like advanced redirect modes (i.e., that specifies if the link rotation will be sequential, random, weighted or spill-over ), affiliate link cloaking, limits click for each link rotator. You can even add more redirect customization (by the time of the year, by nation, language, device and so on). It is safe to say that clickMeter offers more rotation customization than the others.

4. LinkLy

LinkLy also offers more customization like clickmeter. You get unlimited links that you rotate as you want, it can be randomly, or by split percentage to determine better performing landing pages or products.

 LinkLy link rotation
LinkLy link rotation

LinkLy also has many other things that you can do with your links like shortening links and so on. Also provides a chrome extension that you can use to rotate links or perform other actions on the go.

All these URL / link rotation providers are paid ones. Now I will tell you how you can set up your own link rotation service without paying any dime on your websites in the next section.

Free link rotators

There are many websites that provide free URL rotation services. Some of which are listed below;

1. Rotator 4 Pro

The website is old fashioned, with not much of an upgrade on it. But it will get the job done. Although the website may look ancient but the URL rotation service is not bad. It allows you to customize as much as you like. You can add as many links as you want and decide the weight of each of them. It also gives you the ability to make changes to the URL, you can add new links, edit old ones, delete or even pause links. This URL rotator is good for affiliate marketers who regularly promotes other products who don’t want to spend money on rotation service. Rotator 4 Pro will only give you 1 free link rotator, if you want more you’ll have to pay.

2. 360URLZ

This is an unlimited free URL rotation service provider. You can use this to promote different kinds of links, from affiliate links, websites and referral links. Free accounts have the ability to view the daily traffic of link rotator has received over the past 7 days. 360URLz also provides members with Sticky URL rotator which can detect when a user had visited the rotator URL and shows the same page making it look like a static page that doesn’t change. This is an awesome feature I will like the paid ones to have. Random and sequential delivery modes are also supported by 360URLz. You can also earn a commission by referring new members to use the service. But your referrals will have to purchase some packages before you can get any commission.


This is also a free link rotation service provider. I will tell you that the website is old fashioned, lack a secure domain so I won’t suggest sharing sensitive data on the website. it will be risky. offers unlimited link rotators and gives you the ability to customize the delivery modes (i.e., Random, Least Hit, Sequential and Weighted / Ratio). Although a free rotator is promised, I won’t suggest using this link rotator for important URL rotation. I’m not sure about its credibility.


Url rotation is a good marketing practice that helps boost marketing campaigns. Businesses can figure out where their websites are lacking by using URL rotation. Link rotator combined URL shortening for tracking is one of the best marketing campaigns you can think of. Thank you for reading till the end I hope you’ve learned one or two things in this post.


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