November 27, 2021

How To Make Money With APIs

In this post, you’ll learn what is API, and two methods to make money online with APIs and then I will reveal some tips and tricks on what people are doing to make money with APIs even with a little knowledge of backend programming. This is a technical concept but I will try to simplify it so you as a beginner in programming can understand. Stay with me and let’s get right into it.

How To Make Money With APIs

What is an API

So what is an API? API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is a set of functions or rules that show how software products (i.e., applications) communicate with others. API can also be defined as the connection between computers or between computer programs. You don’t understand? Let’s give some examples to better understand the concept of API. If you log in to your Facebook account and you want to post something on Facebook.

facebook post

Usually, we write what’s on our minds, add pictures or videos if necessary and click on the post button. that’s it! Now, what If you are a developer, you are someone who is coding an application and wants the users to post on Facebook directly from the application without logging in to their account or visiting Facebook in a browser, like creating an auto-post software for Facebook. As a developer, you can simply do this by using the Facebook API. So an API in this case is that piece of code written by Facebook engineers that allows you as a developer to interact with Facebook from your own software programmatically. Another example is a tool called Ubbersuggest by Neil Patel. I think you know that if you’re working online.

If you want to sign up, you will see that it allows you to continue with Google to sign in with Google just like many other websites do on the internet, so you are interacting with Google. This happens by simply using Google API. To summarize everything, an API is that software thing that allows you to connect or interact with another software.

How to access or create APIs

So you have an API that you will like to add to your website or mobile application. You can simply ask the owner for the API documentation, though most websites always have a page or websites for their APIs. Let’s take Facebook as an example if you want to integrate any of the Facebook APIs into your application. All you have to do is visit Facebook Developers website, there you will find all the APIs Facebook offers and their documentation and other materials that will help you.

You can also develop your own API if you have an idea of a software people or businesses might need. You can learn, there are lots of tutorial videos on YouTube that you can watch for free and you will be able to develop your own API in a few months. Or you can simply someone to do it for you on Fiverr, or any other freelance website if you want to expedite it. You can also buy API from marketplaces like RapidApi, Saasify, Rakuten, Prompt API and many more.

The general advice device for today is simply to dedicate some time to learning technical skills. We are in 2021. Instead of scrolling on Instagram and Facebook all day, watching Netflix and wasting your precious time. Go to Coursera or Udemy, sign up and start learning. We have a lot of free courses that we can learn from the decade one hour every day to learn technical skills or at least to learn something in you. You can develop yourself over time.

rapidapi home

You can test any API you find interesting to see if it does what the developer claims it does before purchasing it.

So now you understand what an API is, How to create or get your own API. Now let me answer the third question, How to make money with API? As I mentioned earlier, I will share with you two methods.

First method – Sell Your APIs

The first method is to create an API and sell it. As an example, you can create an API that will give the SEO difficulty measure for any keyword, and you can sell this API to any developer if there is someone who would want to have it or you can put it on API marketplaces that I mentioned in the last earlier. RapidAPI is the most popular of them with over 1.4 million visits per month, so it is a trusted website where you can sell your API.

RapidAPI  search

If you log in to RapidAPI and search for an API, take for example you search domain authority, you will see now rapid API will show you a lot of results. The first one is this API domain authority. If you go to the pricing section, you can find different plans the developer put in place. The pricing is different depending on the number of daily requests. So if any developer wants to integrate into his application, he/she has to pay the monthly fee. You can monetize your API with this method. There are other marketplaces where you can sell your APIs if you don’t want to use RapidAPI. So this is the first method on how to make money with APIs

SECOND method – CONVERT API to online tool

The second method is to use APIs and convert them into online tools that people would want to use. Let’s Inssist as an example, If you don’t know about Inssist it is a web extension for managing your Instagram account right from your web browser. You can post pictures, videos, stories and reels to Instagram from your web browser. You can also schedule posts. And if you are wondering how is this possible, your guess is right, the answer is Instagram API. Inssist offers both free and paid features. This is one way of converting your API to a web tool.

Another way of turning your API into an online tool is to create a website that has tools people need in their businesses or everyday life. You can monetize this website by placing sponsored ads like Google Ads on it. Which will generate a considerable amount of cash depending on the number of visitors your tool website has. Websites like H-supertools is a typical example of converting API into tools website. If you visit this website you will find a lot of helpful digital marketing tools there. Tools like Keyword research, email validation tools that you can use to verify cold emails, Youtube keyword tool for YouTubers, policy and terms & conditions generator, Instagram hashtag generator and many other tools are offered by this awesome website. If you have a good idea of a tool that people will find useful, this is also another great way to monetize it.

Tips & Tricks

Some people do this trick to create their own API from existing ones that they don’t own. The idea is to start by using existing APIs and save the results in their own database. Later when users request the same result, they will fetch the result from their database instead of going to the API. So When the database has been populated with enough data ranging from thousands to millions of data. Then they will stop using the API and stand on their own by fetching results from the database. For example, You have a tool website where people comes to find information about keywords, the search volume, SEO difficulty and things like that. You can start by buying the API that does that and when people start using your website, the results of every keyword searched by users are saved in your own database.

So next time your website users are searching for the same keywords, it will fetch the result from the database instead of going to the API you’re paying for and when your database is populated and you feel like you don’t need the API anymore. Then you can stop using the API altogether and fetch the results from your database. This has its own downside like users searching for what’s not in your database and you can’t get it because you stop using the API, so you have to be sure that your database is populated enough to start serving results itself. There are lots of websites doing this on the internet. So this is very important to learn and apply in your business if you want to grow and build something special in your business.

How To Make Money With APIs – Conclusion

If you want to be successful online number one tip is to learn technical skills in coding, web hosting or others. Anything technical will help you to be successful online. If you don’t have any technical skills and you don’t plan on learning one you can still make money with API if you have an idea of what can improve people lives or safe business money. You can always hire someone to do the work for you. I hope you learn one or two things from this post.


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