November 27, 2021
10 Best Chrome Extensions For People Working Online

10 Best Chrome Extensions For People Working Online

10 Best Chrome Extensions For People Working Online
10 Best Chrome Extensions For People Working Online

If you are working online or you want to start working online. Are you a blogger, YouTuber, affiliate marketer or you are selling your own products online? This post is about ten chrome extensions you must install on your chrome browser and fortunately, they also work on Microsoft edge. Let’s get started right away.

1. Grammarly

The first chrome extension in the list and the one I considered the most important one maybe it’s because I’m a content writer. If you are a writer either a blogger or a YouTuber, digital marketer you find writing at least a few sentences to convince potential customers or readers of your blog posts. Grammarly is a treasure you can’t afford to ignore. After installing the Grammarly extension on your Chrome, or Firefox, or Microsoft Edge browsers, whenever you’re typing any statements, big or small, Grammarly small icon pops up at the edge of the input widget to correct the grammar errors that you make knowingly or accidentally.


Grammarly will underline the word that seems grammatically incorrect and when you click on the word, different suggestions pop up and you can correct your errors in just two clicks. Grammarly has other features besides grammar checking. Other features include Plagiarism Checker and Tone Detector. Grammarly plagiarism checker helps bloggers, writers, students to check their write up against billions of pages and documents on the web to detect plagiarism in your text and other writing issues. Because using someone else’s text without citing them or proper attribution can cause serious legal issues. Grammarly Tone Detector on the other hand tells you how your text sounds. Does it sound friendly, or confident, or worried, and others. By analyzing your choice of words, capitalization, phrasing, even punctuations, the tone checker can identify the tone of your text and you can check it before you hit publish or send. Grammarly is free for starters and if you need more features you can pay for the premium package.

2. Keywords Everywhere

The second extension in my list is Keywords Everywhere. The extension gives you information on keywords on different websites. When you install this extension and go to Google to search for any keyword that you want. Keywords Everywhere automatically gives you the serach volume, Cost-Per-Click (CPC), and competition of that particlular keyword. You also see a widget at the sidebar that gives you more information like similar keywords with the one you searched for and so on. This is awesome and a great tool for people doing SEO marketing like content writers.

keywords everywhere
keywords everywhere

Keywords Everywhere helps you find the best keywords your audience are looking for and also gives you keywords metrics for any list keywords that you can download in different formats (i.e., Excel, CSV, or PDF file). Although you can start for free but keywords everywhere is a paid extension. You need to buy credits to unlock all the features of this tool. You can buy 100,000 credits for $10. 1 keyword equals 1 credits. The credits you buy expire after a year if you don’t use them. Keywords Everywhere also provides developer with API to integrate in another websites or mobile applications. Anyways Keywords Everywhere is a great tool which you can install for free and see if it satisfies your needs.

3. vidIQ

Another awesome extensions that works on popular web browsers is vidIQ. If you’re a Youtuber I’m sure you’ve heard about it few times. vidIQ gives you different suggestion when you want to publish your youtube video, suggestions like tag to use, best to publish the video and many more. Also when you’re watching a popular video on youtube that maybe similar to your niche, vidIQ gives you more information about the video than what is normally shown on the video that you can use in your video to get higher ranking.


vidIQ offers many features to boots your video reach, beat your competition, generate thumbnails, see whats trending on youtube and so on. This is an awesome tool that’s being used by thousands of successful youtubers. You can start for free but you have to pay to unlock the full power of vidIQ. If you don’t want to use vidIQ, you can use its number one competitor, Tubebuddy. Tubebuddy is exactly like vidIQ only that the latter is more poular than the former. It’s your choice you can use either of them. They are both great tools and you can start for free.

4. GMass

The number four exension on my list is GMass. GMass is a small application that turns your Gmail account into an email marketing application. This Gmail account turned email marketing application can serve different purposes. Cold email outreach, membership outreach, political campaigns, event E-vites and so on are what you can use your Gmail to do using GMass. You can schedule email to be sent at a particular time and track clicks, opens and replies to mail using GMass.


When you install the extension, you’ll have to connect it to your Gmail account. Whenever you’re writing an email, a red button with GMass written on it appears beside the normal blue send button. By clicking this red button you can do whatever you want with the email. You can also start for free but you’re limited to 50 emails daily. Although an ordinary Gmail account has a limit of 500 emails everyday and to unlock the remaining 450 emails or to send more, you’ll have to pay for it. GMass also offers email automation software, a perfect solution for digital marketers, especially cold email marketer. Try it out.

5. Similarweb

The fifth extension on my list is Similarweb. Similarweb gives you information about websites. When you installed the extension and you are sufing the internet. When you click on the extension button, similarweb gives you information about that particular website that you’re currently on. Similarweb will tell you the about the website, global rank, number of visits, the bounce rate, the top traffic sources and so on.


This is really good and very helpful, especially in a situation where you get a deal from a website or you’re contacted from different companies that you don’t about them. You can just go to your browser, enter the companies’ website url in the address bar and check the overview form similarweb extension. You can also find information about your competitors using this extension, by doing that you can learn how your competitors get traffic to their websites. Similarweb is a great extension, one you cannot afford to ignore as a digital marketer. You can improve on your website traffic if you follow the information on similarweb. You get started for free

6. Wappalyzer

This is another great extension with so many features that will help marketing campaigns. One of the features of wappalyzer that i like the most is the SEO tools. If you have any website that you curious how they are developed or which technologies were used to get it done. You can go to the website on your browser where wappalyzer extension is being installed. When you click on the wappalyzer extension button it shows all the technologies that are being used. All the technologies ranging from the frontend to the backend,wapplyzer will show you everything. It also shows you the APIs on the websites.


This is great when you planning to create similar website. Wappalyzer gives you the tool you need for market research, website profiling, lead generation, email verification and many more. By using wappalyzer lead generation tool, you can find prospects by the technologies they use. You can also increase your email delivery rate by verifying your mail lists using wappalyzer email verification tool. You can also monitor website for technology changes. You can use this tool to spy on competitors or get some ideas what websites are using so you can use integrate them in your website if you want. Wappalyzer is great tool that many features and everyone needs one or more of these awsome features it has to offer. Wappalyzer is also free for starters.

7. Notion Web Clipper

The next extension is not just browser extension but an awesome application. For people who don’t know about Notion web clipper.Notion Web Clipper is a great application to manage everything your life your business. Anything in your life, you can manage it from notion dashboard. This extension helps you save anything from the web, As an example you are surfing the interner and you stumbled on a very interesting article that will help your business or personal development. You can just click on the extension to save the page, select the workspace that you want and save for later use.

Notion web clipper

The good thing about Notion Web Clipper is that it also has windows and mac applications, and also Android and iOS mobile apps. You can manage your worksace anywhere as long as you have an account and you can sign in on different platforms. When browsing the internet on your mobile and you see anything interesting online, you can decide to save it to your notion profile and you can see it your desktop app or your chrome extension. Notion Web Clipper is free for an individual but if you want to use it for business purposes among member of a group or organization you will pay. A great tool and a greater browser extension.

8. WhatFont

WhatFont is also a good chrome extension that identify the type of font in web pages. If you’re a developer, or graphics designer and you’re curious about a particular font on some pages that you visit. Download and install this extension, type in the url of the page in the browser address bar to visit the website. When the website has laoded, click on the WhatFont extension button and hover the text you’re curious about to find the font use. To get additional information about the font (i.e., font size, font family, font style, font weight and so on) you can click on the element on the web page and a small window will pop up giving more information about the font used.


For convienient usage, you should pin the extension buttion at the panel. WhatFont is an awesome tool that i think it is of great use to anyone. It is 100% free and reliable.

9. ColorZilla

The next chrome extension on my list is similar to whatfont. ColorZilla as the number indicates works with colors. WhatFont helps you find the font used in web pages while ColorZilla helps you find the color used in web pages. After installation when you visit any website and you want to find out colors that are being used in the page. Click on the extension buttion and you can start moving the cursor to find colors. When you hover on a particular color or element in the page, ColorZilla automatically gives you the hex code and rgb value of the color and some other information that you might need.


You can copy it and paste it on your website or any design work that you may be doing. ColorZilla is cool and very useful in designing your websites or other things. It is also 100% free


The last chrome extension on my list is inssist. This extension is only for instagram users, it is not only a safe but secured and reliable way to use Instagram in your Web browser. It is a chrome extension that lets you post videos, Stories, pictures and reels to Instagram from your desktop. It also allows you to schedule posts, upload video covers, find relevant #hashtags and more. It does not collect any data from your browser or your instagram and send them anywhere. Inssist doesn’t do that. Inssist free features include post videos, photos, stories from your browser and relevant hashtags suggestion when you create new post to insert in the caption. You can also manage multiple Instagram account from your browser and switch between them in one click. Pro version include scheduling, Posting reels and choosing vido covers Inssist is an awesome extension to manage your Instagram accounts.

Best Chrome Extensions – Conclusion

Although there are many more chrome extensions that are not only awesome but will make life easire for people working online. But you can get started with some of the ones listed above that you think might be of help to your craft. I hope you gained one or two things from this post. Thank you.


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