January 29, 2022
getresponse vs sendpulse

SendPulse vs GetResponse – Which one is better for you

If you are confused about SendPulse vs GetResponse, which one should you choose? I’m going to compare the features of these two popular email marketing platforms comprehensively to help discover which one best suits your business needs.

getresponse vs sendpulse
getrespnse vs sendpulse

Choosing an email marketing platform is a very important part of email marketing or digital marketing as a whole because it can make or mar your business. You are probably aware that email marketing brings in a significant return on investment without a doubt. So you have to do it with the tools.

SendPulse vs GetResponse, a detailed comparison of these two platforms will help you decide which one is the right tool for you.

Let’s get right to it…

SendPulse vs GetResponse – What they actually do

SendPulse and GetResponse are email marketing tools. They both allow you to:

  • create or import an email list and capture email addresses
  • automate your emails by scheduling email according to conditions you desire
  • track your emails to see which work best for you
  • design HTML emails (emails that contain brand element like logo, videos, photos, etc) without prior knowledge of HTML that you can send to your subscribers
  • send transactional email

SendPulse vs GetResponse – Big Differences

SendPulse and GetResponse may both be email marketing tools, they do have some differences. These major differences must be cleared because they can help you decide on which one to choose.

  • GetResponse is generally more expensive than SendPulse. GetResponse basic plan with 25,000 email list will cost you $145 while the same list size on SendPulse cost around $70 for the standard plan.
  • SendPulse has lower delivery rates than GetResponse.
  • GetResponse allows you to create unlimited landing pages for leads generation whereas only the enterprise plan gives unlimited landing pages on SendPulse.
  • SendPulse provides bulk SMS service and lets you create messenger chatbots whereas GetResponse does not.
  • GetResponse allows you to design and manage Facebook and Google ads from the platform, SendPulse does not have that.
  • SendPulse allows you to verify email addresses on your mailing lists to improve your deliverability rates. GetResponse does not have that.

if you want me to cut to the chase and tell you what I think right now, I’ll go with GetResponse. Why? It has a simple user interface, sophisticated email automation, and appealing templates. And, unlike SendPulse, it’s aimed at digital marketers like myself.

However, SendPulse is not less than GetResponse in any way. It’s entirely up to you and your objectives. Are you confused still? Don’t worry; I’ll go over each of these email marketing options one after another right now. Let’s start with SendPulse…

SendPulse: Is it for you?

sendpulse homepage
SendPulse homepage

SendPulse is an all-in-one marketing platform that allows to

  • create and launch email campaign in no time
  • Create responsive emails without any HTML knowledge in minutes
  • Send SMS Campaigns to 1,000+ Mobile Network Operators in More than 200 Countries
  • create Chatbot for Facebook, Telegram, and WhatsApp for auto-replies and purchase funnels
  • send web push notifications that are hard to miss

There’s a lot more. As a result, it’s more than simply an email marketing service; it’s a one-stop-shop for all of your eCommerce and marketing needs. When compared to GetResponse, which just provides email marketing services, SendPulse is substantially larger. Let’s see the features of SendPulse .

SendPulse Features

I’ll discuss all the features of SendPulse one by one. This will give you a clear understanding of exactly what you’re getting.

Email Marketing Service

SendPulse enables you to develop professional-looking email marketing campaigns. You can quickly and easily design professional email templates with our drag and drop email builder. To make a template, you don’t need any technical or HTML abilities. With over 130 responsive templates, you can make the process of designing and building an email template a whole lot easier and faster. Use your company’s colors and style to create a unique subscription form that you can install on your website to collect email addresses from your customers or website visitors, and send out emails to them.

Email Verifier

The email verification feature on SendPulse also plays an important role in your email campaign especially if you are sending cold emails. By ensuring that you only send emails to real email addresses, you can keep your mailing lists clean, stay out of the spam bin, maintain a strong sender reputation, and save money on campaigns.

Automation 360

The email automation on SendPulse allows you to send transactional and promotional emails that are sent automatically or on a schedule based on the conditions you set up. After sending emails and you realize that many of your subscribers are not opening your emails. Using segmentation on SendPulse, you can resend the emails to the subscribers that did not open the previous ones.

Web Push Notifications

Web/browser push notifications are messages received in your browser from a website. They send out emails to users informing them of sales, important updates, and new information on the website. Browser notifications are a new marketing channel that’s gaining traction because it has many benefits. SendPulse allows you to create web push notifications for site visitors or blog readers. Web push notifications are very hard to miss and easy to subscribe to. It also makes you money by allowing advertisers to send targeted web push ads to your subscribers.

Chatbots Builder

SendPulse also allows you to create social media chatbots (Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram chatbot) which you can use to set up auto-replies and purchase funnels. Users are interested in learning more about your product line, scheduling consultations, and checking the timetable. Allow the chatbot to do those duties so that your customer service manager may focus on more pressing issues. This is a great tool for digital companies with a lot of users.

SMS Service

On SendPulse, you can send SMS campaigns to more than 1,000 mobile network operators in more than 200 countries. You can deliver messages in every language of the world very fast. Moreover, you can segment your recipients, personalize and automate your SMS campaigns. You can also confirm orders, issue payment confirmation, or send a tracking number to your consumers automatically. You may also send a message to a user directly after they register on your website or sign up for a webinar using transactional SMS.

Landing Pages

SendPulse allows you to create landing page, online store, and link page for your social media bio. With an easy-to-use drag and drop builder, you don’t need to write any line of code to create beautiful and responsive landing pages. You can do many things with the page – you can add buttons with the links to your chatbots and send auto-replies to your visitors’ frequently asked questions on messenger. In addition, you can also integrate a payment system to start taking secure payments from your visitors online which is good for eCommerce websites.

SMTP Service

Additionally, SendPulse also lets you create an SMTP server that you can integrate into your website using any of the popular programming languages. With this, you can set up your own email marketing system that has features like – secure SSL connection, dedicated IP addressed, DKIM and SPF records, and tracking tools.

Free Chrome extension

SendPulse also provides a free chrome extension that lets you save any email from your Gmail inbox as a PDF, screenshot, or HTML template into your SendPulse account. These saved emails can give you inspiration when writing emails for your marketing campaigns.

SendPulse Pricing

SendPulse is cheap and you can get started in no time. You can start your 7-day free trial during which you can send up to 15,000 emails and get to know its power. After the trial, to continue using SendPulse you can opt-in for a subscription (monthly/6-month/yearly billing period) plan or the pay-as-you-go plan. With pay-as-you-go, you only pay for the number of emails you sent. Both subscription and pay-as-you-go are further divided into 3 plans; Standard, Pro, and Enterprise

sendpulse pricing
SendPulse pricing

For standard plan, A 25,000 email list cost about $80 on subscription plan while on pay-as-you-go, it cost about $57 . You can check the pricing here

Now let’s see GetResponse features…

GetResponse – Should you go for it?

Unlike SendPulse that offers a lot of services, GetResponse is good at the services they offer if not the best. Also it is geared towards bloggers as it allows them to automate their email marketing campaign in a smooth manner.

getresponse homepage
GetResponse Homepage

GetResponse is also an all-in-one marketing software that allows you to:

  • create and launch email campaign in no time
  • Create responsive emails without any HTML knowledge in minutes
  • automate your email with your desired conditions
  • build professional with no prior knowledge of website development
  • create successful sales/leads funnels
  • create paid ads like Facebook and Google ads from right from GetResponse dashboard.

From landing page editor to offering paid newsletters, GetResponse provides everything under one roof. I believe you should go for GetResponse if you run highly targeted campaigns and or sell digital goods. However, don’t go for it if you don’t have big pockets.

GetResponse Feature

As I had done with SendPulse, I’ll also go over the features of GetResponse one after another to better understand what this software has to offer.

Email Marketing

GetResponse also allows you to create good-looking emails in minutes. With free, professionally designed templates and an easy-to-use drag and drop email editor, you can create an email in few clicks. Just like SendPulse, GetResponse allows you to send personalized email that is relevant to your subscribers. GetResponse autoresponder enables you to automate emails based on time or a particular event. Additionally, you can also send transactional emails like order confirmations, receipts, reminders, etc.

You can track your email on GetResponse with its tracking tools to better understand your subscribers and know which emails bring you more money. GetResponse lets you build and manage your email lists

Conversion Funnel

On GetResponse, you can use its ready-made sales funnel creator to create sales funnels, lead funnels, webinar funnels, and opt-in funnels. This is important as it helps grow your business.

Web push Notification

Like SendPulse, you can create no-limit web push notifications to engage your website visitors and convert them into customers. The good thing about web push notifications is that your site visitors don’t have to be on your site before they can see it. It will reach them even when they are browsing other sites as long as they had opened your site before.

Landing page & Website Builder

With over 200 free landing page templates, you can create unlimited landing pages on GetResponse to get more sales and subscribers. You can also build a website on GetResponse with its AI-driven, code-free website builder.

Paid Ads

Within GetResponse, you can create, buy, and manage Facebook and Instagram advertising. Then keep track of their progress and make adjustments as needed. This is helpful if you want to build your list or find new customers using Facebook / Instagram ads or Google ads.

Live Chat

GetResponse live chat is an instant way to connect with your subscribers and customers. Allowing website visitors and subscribers to talk with you in real-time helps them form stronger bonds and convert more quickly. With live chat, you can provide instant support, customers can chat with you from landing pages and emails. You can also use the chat history to create segments.

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse supports only subscription-based payment and you can choose between monthly, 12-month, and 24-month billing periods. Furthermore, GetResponse has 4 plans; basic, plus, professional, and max. These plans come with different features.

GetResponse pricing
GetResponse pricing

GetResponse pricing is relatively on the high side but it’s a great marketing tool. You can get started right away for no cost. The free trial period continues for 30-day free to try any of GetResponse 4 plans, that is more than enough time for you to understand its significance.

Conclusion on SendPulse vs GetResponse

Both of these software are great and offer awesome features. As a content creator I’ll pick GetResponse because all of its features are useful to me. The fact that you can create paid ads and monitor it from its dashboard, that gets me. That doesn’t SendPulse any less important to digital marketer. In fact if you are beginner, I’ll suggest you go for SendPulse because it is cheap and provides almost all the features on GetResponse.

SendPulse is a great place to start if you’re searching for a complete web marketing solution. it has a lot more features than GetResponse. On the other hand, GetResponse offers lovely email templates to help content creators grow. so choose whichever one best suits your marketing strategy.


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