January 29, 2022

GetResponse vs ConvertKit – Which one is better for you

So you want to start email marketing and you are stuck with these two awesome email marketing tools GetResponse vs ConvertKit, you are not sure which one is better. A detailed comparison of GetResponse vs ConvertKit will help you decide. There is no doubt that email marketing will generate a significant return on investment. However, this can happen only if you do it the right way using the right tool.

getresponse vs convertkit
getresponse vs convertkit

After conducting research, you have found some key points. But now you are confused about GetResponse and ConvertKit. I’m going to compare the features of these two popular email marketing platforms comprehensively to help discover which one best suits your business needs. You will learn about the difference in their features and prices.

But before we get in to the differences and which one is better. Let’s understand what these tools actually do.

GetResponse vs ConvertKit – What they actually do

GetResponse and ConvertKit are both email marketing tools that allow you to:

  • create or import an email list and capture email addresses with signup forms
  • automate your email. send emails based on time or event
  • track your emails to see which work best for you
  • design HTML emails (emails that contain brand element like logo, videos, photos, etc). Without prior knowledge of HTML that you can send to your subscribers
  • build your online presence
  • create sales or conversion funnels
  • create custom landing pages, integrate third-party marketing tools into it and manage from one dashboard

GetResponse vs ConvertKit – Differences

Now that you understand what these tools do. I’m sure you already know that. Next thing is to clear out the differences. Even though they have some familiar features. One does it better than the other. These differences will also help to reach your final decision.

GetResponse ConvertKit
delivery ratehas delivery rate of 99% has delivery rate of 99+%
pricingfair pricea bit expensive
Interfaceeasy to useeasy to use
wrong link correctiondoes not have this featurelets you correct wrong link in emails
even after being sent
landing pagesdrag and drop editor with
customizable templates
fully customizable templates
Website builderlets you create an entire website, code-free with AIdoes not support building website
Third-party integrationintegrate third party tools like Paypal, stripe,
shopify and many more in
landing page and website
integrate third party tools like
woocommerce, shopify and many more
in your landing page
Web push notificationlets you engage your site visitors
with web push notifications
does not provide web push notification
Live web chatlets you chat directly with your customersdoes not provide live chat features
Paid adslets you create and manage your Facebook, Google
and social ad from its dashboard
does not have this feature
Free trial 30 days free with up to 1000 subscribers
and unlimited email campaign. No card required
14 days free. Card required
getresponse vs convertkit differences

GetResponse – Should you go for it?

GetResponse is a good all-in-one marketing tool that you can use to grow your business or brand online presence. Whether you are a content creator or business. GetResponse can meet your needs. It has been around for more than twenty years.

getresponse homepage
GetResponse Homepage

GetResponse is also an all-in-one marketing software that allows you to:

  • create and launch email campaign in no time
  • Create responsive emails without any HTML knowledge in minutes
  • automate your email with your desired conditions
  • build professional with no prior knowledge of website development
  • create successful sales/leads funnels
  • create paid ads like Facebook and Google ads from right from GetResponse dashboard.

From landing page editor to offering paid newsletters, GetResponse provides everything under one roof. I believe you should go for GetResponse if you run highly targeted campaigns and or sell digital goods. However, don’t go for it if you don’t have big pockets.

GetResponse Feature

I’ll also go over the features of GetResponse one after another to better understand what this software has to offer.

Email Marketing

GetResponse also allows you to create good-looking emails in minutes. With free, professionally designed templates and an easy-to-use drag and drop email editor, you can create an email in few clicks. GetResponse allows you to send personalized email that is relevant to your subscribers. GetResponse autoresponder enables you to automate emails based on time or a particular event. Additionally, you can also send transactional emails like order confirmations, receipts, reminders, etc.

You can track your email on GetResponse with its tracking tools to better understand your subscribers and know which emails bring you more money. GetResponse lets you build and manage your email lists

Conversion Funnel

On GetResponse , you can use its ready-made sales funnel creator to create sales funnels, lead funnels, webinar funnels, and opt-in funnels. This is important as it helps grow your business.

Web push Notification

You can create no-limit web push notifications to engage your website visitors and convert them into customers. The good thing about web push notifications is that your site visitors don’t have to be on your site before they can see it. It will reach them even when they are browsing other sites as long as they had opened your site before.

Landing page & Website Builder

With over 200 free landing page templates, you can create unlimited landing pages on GetResponse to get more sales and subscribers. You can also build a website on GetResponse with its AI-driven, code-free website builder.

Paid Ads

Within GetResponse, you can create, buy, and manage Facebook and Instagram advertising. Then keep track of their progress and make adjustments as needed. This is helpful if you want to build your list or find new customers using Facebook / Instagram ads or Google ads.

Live Chat

Also, GetResponse live chat is an instant way to connect with your subscribers and customers. Allowing website visitors and subscribers to talk with you in real-time helps them form stronger bonds and convert more quickly. With live chat, you can provide instant support, customers can chat with you from landing pages and emails. You can also use the chat history to create segments.

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse supports only subscription-based payment and you can choose between monthly, 12-month, and 24-month billing periods. Furthermore, GetResponse has 4 plans; basic, plus, professional, and max. These plans come with different features.

GetResponse pricing
GetResponse pricing

The pricing depends on the number of your subscribers. You can get started right away for no cost. The free trial period continues for 30-day free to try any of GetResponse 4 plans, that is more than enough time for you to understand its significance.

Now lets talk about ConvertKit

ConvertKit – Should you go for it?

Without a doubt, ConvertKit is one of the best email marketing tools that you can get. Well it doesn’t have many service like other email marketing tools. But the one thing the platform does best is email marketing because seamless ways to automate email marketing. ConvertKit is a good marketing tools that allows you to create landing pages, integrate other tools in it and sell digital products.

ConvertKit features

Let’s take a look at all of ConvertKit‘s key features. After that, you can choose your favorite.

convertkit features
ConvertKit features

Email Marketing

As you’re already aware ConvertKit is an email marketing platform that lets you connect with your audience and grow your brand. It’s so simple to use. With free built-in templates that you can edit to your taste.In few minutes you can start sending beautiful emails. You can also personalized your emails and by segmenting your emails, you can send different emails to different subscribers or customers. ConvertKit lets you create unlimited signup forms to generate leads and grow your lists. In addition to segmentation, ConvertKit also lets you organize your email lists using tags. These allow you to learn more about your audience so that you can give them material that is specifically tailored to their interests. Not to forget, ConvertKit has a 99 percent delivery record and a positive reputation with email providers, which means your emails are more likely to reach the inbox, where they belong. Reporting

Email Automation

ConvertKit makes email automation so much easy. You don’t have to manually send email to customer every time they purchase, sign up or any other actions you can think of. You can automate this emails by setting some conditions and ConvertKit will take care of rest. This will not only saves you precious time that you can spend creating content but will also saves you hard work. I mean who wants to send email each time a subscriber signs up or a customer makes a purchase. With ConvertKit , you can automate your sales funnel like an expert, schedule email to be sent at a particular time and send email based on the rules that you set.

Creator Pro

You’d be surprised to see what you can actually do with ConvertKit Creator Pro. If you send an email with wrong link. With Creator Pro, instead of sending another email with the correct link you can change the link in the email even after it has already been sent. You also don’t need to create Facebook ad segments to target certain audiences with your ad. ConvertKit segments your Facebook audience into several segments. You can also benefit from its deliverability report and more.

Landing Pages

With fully customizable templates ConvertKit lets you create free landing pages. Whether you’re ready to deliver a product, promote an upcoming project, or tell your audience about yourself.Landing pages help you get the word out quickly and easily. You can optimize your landing pages for analytics and search engines on ConvertKit. With landing pages you can collect custom data, generate leads, connect to an automation that you set, and integrate the page with other tools that will help you increase your audience, gather information to connect with your audience and increase your sales.

Commerce and Integrations

Create digital product pages with ConvertKit ecommerce tools built for creators. With ConvertKit Commerce you can set up one-time purchases for products like an eBook or recurring subscriptions for premium monthly newsletters. If you sell products, course, membership or products on other platforms like shopify, woocommerce, teachable and so on. You can connect your ConvertKit to them and manage all your sales from one dashboard. You can easily create an automated sales and follow-up funnel to pitch your product to the right people. Integrate payment processing with low transaction fees in your sales page. You can find more about on the platforms you can connect with your ConvertKit account here

ConvertKit Pricing

ConvertKit only has two plans: Creator and Creator Pro. There is also a free plan which you can use to manage up to 1000 subscriber. Any email list more than 1000, you would have to opt-in for either Creator plan which cost $79 for up to 5000 subscribers and Creator Pro which cost $111.

convertkit pricing
ConvertKit pricing

The number of subscribers determines the price you pay monthly or yearly. Whether free or paid plan, you can create unlimited landing pages & forms, sell digital products, and send email broadcast.

Summary – GetResponse vs ConvertKit Comparison

To answer the question “which one is better?”. My answer is , It depends on your marketing strategy and your pocket. I thought ConvertKit has it all. Then i found about GetResponse that has been around for more than 20 years. GetResponse has all the features of ConvertKit and more.GetResponse also offers a fair price. There is not so much different in their email marketing tool but GetResponse has more digital marketing tools than ConvertKit.

So if you’re new to the whole digital marketing stuff, i suggest you go for GetResponse. However, you can still go for ConvertKit. And if only what you want is email marketing you can go with ConvertKit. But if you want a complete package of digital marketing for your business. GetResponse is the right choice. Also if you don’t have any prior knowledge of coding (HTML and CSS), you should definitely go for GetResponse. It makes everything easier with fully customizable templates, drag and drop editor to create HTML emails, landing pages and website. Although ConvertKit also comes with customizable templates. You may sometimes have to tweak the code (HTML and CSS) to suit your desire.


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